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Thought Patterns

Is it possible to visually capture the wild terrain of our brains? My abstract geometric visual language explores the dynamic mapping of feelings, memories and choices. Like a computer processors “0”s and “1”s, the pieces use a binary square tile system. The complex maze-like patterns are generated using only two square tile designs with their dynamic energy is reinforced with a vibrant flow of colors. These pieces celebrate the wonder of the stimulated mind. What does it look like to navigate your brainwaves? How do you find your way, store memories, and make connections? This artwork is about mapping choices, ideas, obstacles, and feelings. Like the journey of processing thoughts, this artwork engages the physical experience of shifting a viewer’s mental perception and the interpretation and processing of experiences.

Title: "Thought Patterns"
Medium: Specially coated premium aluminum sheets with high gloss finish. Image is infused onto the aluminum using a dye-sublimation process.  3/4" deep inset frames is recessed from the edges of the print, so the print appears to float away from the wall when hung. In silver with wire hanger.
Standard sizes: 12" wide x 16" high and 24" wide x 32" high

Custom sizes, finishes, and display systems are available.

Title: "brainwaves"
Medium:Maple wood prints are printed directly on to 1/2" thick maple surfaced wood board, for a warm and natural-looking print that is also eco-friendly. The grain and other characteristics of the wood shows through the light and white areas of the image for a natural warm tone and vintage feel.  The wood texture shows on the surface of your print. Each wood print is unique and no two prints will be precisely alike. Hanging options are keyhole or wood float mount with optional cleat.

Standard sizes: 10" wide x 10" high, 20" wide x 20" high, 30" wide x 30" high

Custom sizes, finishes, and display systems are available.

Artwork is also available in specially coated premium aluminum sheets. 

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