3D Portraits

6 feet of separation: 4x4

6 feet of separation

“6 feet of separation” is a project that celebrates personal interaction in a time when the new normal has become one of isolation. During the pandemic, maintaining 6 feet of distance between others has restricted our relationships. Our exchanges have frequently been confined to the flat screens of our digital devices. From this place in time – with a vision to reconnect – this 3D portrait series was born. 

Taken during the pandemic in person at a distance of 6 feet and outdoors, each 3D portrait attempts to capture the unique personality of each individual. Photos were captured from three directions: from the left, right and head on. They were assembled into one piece that was folded to create a unique 3D portrait.

Dependent on the viewer’s perspective, these portraits form a lively and actively engaging visual quilt of interaction and reaction, remind one of the simple joy of being with others, and ponder what is lost in the one dimensional world of digital interactions.

This is an ongoing series. Please contact me if you are interested in participating.

6 feet of separation: belle & beau
6 feet of separation: juliette
6 feet of separation_chloe and aaron with masks3.jpg
6 feets of separataion: miles & kat
6 feet of separation: meet the campbells
6 feet of separation: dwight & annabelle
6 feet of separation: 4x4