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3D Artwork Series

Like the back and forth of processing thoughts in the left and right sides of our brains, these three-dimensional pieces engage the physical experience of shifting a viewer's mental perception and one's interpretation and processing of dimensional content and moments in time. Motivated by the desire to actively engage and interact with viewers in a physical space, the accordion pieces reveal different images based on the viewer's perspective. The intent is to have a viewer stop and interact with the art in order to have it reveal itself. Unlike artwork on a flat computer screen, this work requires the physical interaction with the viewers that is only possible in person.

6 feet of separation_chloe and aaron with masks3.jpg


The Cat Killed Curiosity_MOD.jpg

3D Poetry

US by Beverly Patterson_photograph_300 dpi.jpg


Sky meditation 3.jpg


Accordion masthead2.jpg

Geometric Tiles

2D Artwork Series

Inspired by the underlying order of the natural world, these two-dimensional series explore the layering of scale and how we process our flow of thoughts. "Thought Patterns" is a design-art series that explores the infinite variety of forms that can be created within the limits of single cells (tiles), and "Serendipity" explores the beauty and complexity that can be found by chance,  and the "Self-Reflection" photography series visually switches between small and large scales and depths of perception.

Hex_red and gold_3-27-23_24_x30_ copy.jpg

Mind Mapping



Brain 2_6_x6_.jpg

Thought Patterns

Ripple Reflect_14_x14_jpg.jpg


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