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We live in a deeply divided time when each political party embraces the image of the United States flag as a symbol of their national spirit. This piece is a 3-dimensional expression of the divisiveness of our country. Viewed head-on, one sees the American flag composed of individually stamped colored triangles. Lean far to the right, the pattern of red arrows converge into a tight formation pointing decisively to the left. Lean far to the left, it’s the opposite. At each extremity, the sight of the flag is lost. Each side has an imposing and dominating view of its intentions. This is the state of US. 


Where do you stand?

I started US at the beginning of the pandemic. Along with the isolation and stress of the stay at home orders, there was the added stress from the disconnect and divisiveness of the political climate of the presidential election. Everywhere, I saw the U.S. flag being used by politicians to brand themselves as the most patriotic of candidates. As the presidential election intensified, it seemed there were more and more flags behind the candidates on their pulpits. I wanted to capture this unique time in a way that required the viewer’s physical interaction, because our interactions had become flattened onto the computer screen. Under stay at home orders, I used art supplies I had at home. Using handmade stamps, this artwork is a stamped quilt of triangles and stars that are red, blue, silver and gold on paper that is accordion folded.

3D accordion artwork: US

Title: "US"

Medium: hand stamped ink on folded paper


3D accordion artwork detail: US

Detail image: artwork created using handmade stamps

and red, blue, silver and gold ink

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