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Graphic Design Philosophy

Based on the belief that great projects are the result of thoughtful and thorough collaborations, Patterson Design prides itself in its ability to absorb and process each client's unique project parameters and produce fresh, original, and effective design communication.

After working as a designer and marketing director, Beverly Patterson established Patterson Design in 2000 with the mission of providing clients with effective one-on-one and hands-on design services specifically tailored to tap into the unique nature of each project.


Since opening in 2000, Beverly’s design studio has been known for its thoughtfulness, thoroughness and originality. By design, her clients are predominantly nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

Design Categories

Events  special events, galas, fundraisers & performances

Reports  annual reports & brochures

Promotion  invitation ensembles, postcards, ads, custom promotional products, etc.

Infographics  illustrated facts

Interactive  social media graphics & website

Illustrations  logos & icons

Identify  branding systems 

Project Development Process

1. Orientation and Research 

2. Concept and Design Development

3. Design Execution

4. Production

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