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Artwork: 3D landscapes
Artwork: mind mapping
Artwork: 6 feet of separation
Artwork: Serendipity
Artwork: Ripple Reflect

The perception of space, geometry, and patterns has long had a powerful hold on Beverly Patterson. A full-time artist and designer based in San Francisco, Beverly explores concepts through photography, digital art, printing, collage, and painting. Her two-dimensional artworks explore layered memory, perception, and altered space. Her three-dimensional pieces change and oscillate as viewers alter their points of view. A combination of choreographed and chance moments of discovery surprise viewers as they interact with the artwork – offering stimulating moments of thought and reflection.

Inspired by the underlying order of the natural world, Beverly's artwork celebrates the complexity that can arise from simple underpinnings of geometry, color, and movement. The consistent aim is to investigate the cause-effect relationship between the stagnant image and the viewer’s dynamic gaze.

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